Olive Oil

Looking after the land

Our production is a harmonious blend of many different varieties of olives, particularly fruity and spicy, with bitter and pleasant aroma characteristics. The continuous checks carried out always show high levels of antioxidants and vitamin E that represent a very important nutritional value characteristic of authentic extra virgin olive oils.

Our oil is extracted only from our olives and obtained from our one olive trees and because they are own trees we care for them passionately. Through mainly manual work we personally carry out pruning, cutting the grass (we do not like weeding!) and harvesting.

To be able to process the olives immediately and maintain the freshness of the fruit, we have set up our own oil mill on our farm.
From our oil you can expect great strength of flavours and complexity on the palate. A few drops of our oil and you will no longer be able to do without it … for us it has been like this for years.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Variety blend of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Americano, Olivastra Saggianese, Leccio Maremmano and others rare varieties


Fruity taste with aromatic notes of artichoke, herbaceous hints, green apple and almond that express themselves differently in the different vintages. Harvested in small batches, by hand or specialist machinery according to the different varieties. Crushing with a two-phase continuous presser, owned directly by our farm that allows daily milling. Our production is limited to about 7000 kilograms of depending on seasonal yields. (0,75L Content)

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Tin Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Variety blend of Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Americano, Olivastra Saggianese, Leccio Maremmano and others rare varieties

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The Orchard

For three generations of our family, we have been cultivating centuries-old olive trees

The production of extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Tuscan farm of San Piero in Foiano della Chiana (AR), where there is 5 hectares of land where dedicated to olive trees.

The area is ideal for the cultivation of olive trees. The varieties present are the indigenous Tuscan ones such as the Frantoio and the Moraiolo, famous globally these varieties share our orchards with many ancient and little-known varieties. Some of them are the “Americano” varieties, from the area known as the “Frantumaio” which produces a very special oil with a strong note of artichoke, the “Olivastra Saggianese” from oil with its characteristic fruitiness and the “Leccio Maremmano”, a true friend of the olive grower for its rusticity and constant production with its refined bitter scent.

Varietà Americano

Identified in the Arezzo area, this olive tree has a vigorous and expansive growth habit. Olives ripen quite early and are very hard to detach from the tree. This requires manual picking because machines would damage the crop. The oil obtained is particularly rich in antioxidants and vitamin E (polyphenols and tocopherols), the tasting highlights high fruity notes with hints of artichoke, bitter and spicy.

Leccio Maremmano

These trees have a very dense foliage and intense blooms that in the past have made it useful as a pollinator. This variety originally came from the Pistoia area produces a large harvest. The oil obtained has good antioxidant content and when tasted it has light notes of spicy and bitter fruitiness. Our experience over time shown this olive to have a rusticity and resistance to climatic events which is particularly appreciated. The oil yield from the olives is low.

Olivastra Saggianese

These olive trees grow with great vigour and can be very expansive; however, the flowering is not very intense, the spherical and small fruits have a scaled ripening and strong resistance to being picked, a characteristic that requires harvesting by hand. Productivity is normally good but can be variable. The oil obtained is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E with a rich fruity note and a spicy and bitter hint. The oil yield is high.

The Farm

Two hearts one soul


In the municipality of Fabriano (AN), in the locality of Coccore: the farm covers 16 hectares, 5 of which are destined for cereal and forage crops. Here we produce our sparkling wine Method Scacchi


The S. Piero farm in Foiano della Chiana, in the heart of the Valdichiana, includes 5 hectares of olive grove with 550 olive trees