The Vineyards and
The Olive Groves

Two hearts one soul

Our production is divided between two locations, gathers the production philosophy of the Sbaffi family in a single soul, which has been working for three generations respecting tradition and the land.


The Umbrian - Marches Apennines

Our farm is located in the Umbrian-Marches Apennines, in particular in the stretch of the Marche side of Monte Cucco (1566 meters altitude). The vineyards are located in cultivated land within the wooded area of the valley on the slopes of Monte di Coccore (637 metres altitude).

The soils are defined by the slope deposits formed by marly and marly-calcareous fragments immersed in the silty matrix. These deposits rest on the marly sub-layer of the cineral scale typical of this area which sometimes emerges and becomes visible. The various vineyards of small extension are located at an altitude of about 450 metres and at the foot of the slope of Monte di Coccore in the Castellare area.

Recovered Fabriano vines

Our farms are engaged in the preservation of vines of ancient cultivation of the Fabrianese, in particular in the vineyards where we have the white Petrignone, the large Vernaccia nera, the Moscato bastardo and the Dolcigno or Vespaiolo.

Spumante Castellare Petrignone is part of the recovery project for this grape variety which is still present in some hamlets of the Municipality of Fabriano (such as Valleremita, San Donato, Coccore, Rucce and Piaggiasecca).

Our ongoing historical research is supported, among other things, by the activity of the prestigious local agricultural school, Vivarelli Agricultural Technical Institute of Fabriano.


Recovered Fabriano vines

Castellare Sbaffi Bianco


The nose shows an important aromatic, intense and fragrant freshness…

Castellare Sbaffi Rosè


It has an intense pink colour, almost claret, with an intense perlage …



The taste is savoury, harmonious, broad and lively. Ideal for an aperitif…

Apostrofo Rosa


intense floral aromas and of red fruit, the taste is very broad, persistent and wide…


For three generations, we have been cultivating centuries old olive trees

The production of our extra virgin olive oil is based in the Tuscan farm of San Piero in Foiano della Chiana (AR), where for three generations we have been cultivating 5 hectares of olive tree orchards.

The area is ideal for the cultivation of olive trees. The varieties present are the autochthonous Tuscan ones such as the Frantoio and the Moraiolo, famous globally which are flanked by ancient and little-known varieties such as the Americano, in the area also known as the “crusher” which produces a very special oil with a strong note. of artichoke, the Olivastra Saggianese from oil with its characteristic fruitiness and the Leccio Maremmano, a true friend of the olive grower for its rusticity and consistent production with its refined bitter scent.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our production is a harmonious blend of many different varieties of olives, particularly fruity and spicy, with bitter and pleasant aroma characteristics. The continuous checks carried out always show high levels of antioxidants…

The Sbaffi

A job, a passion,
a true philosophy to life.

Ours is a family business, where the two traditions made us stronger and more united every day live are wine and music.

We have been winemakers and musicians for generations and thanks to those who came before us and sent us the love for these two world linked together by passion and harmony.