The Sbaffi

Ours is a family business, where the two traditions made us stronger and more united every day live are wine and music.

We have been winemakers and musicians for generations and thanks to those who came before us and sent us the love for these two world linked together by passion and harmony.

A job, a passion,
a true life philosophy.

From Girolamo Sbaffi to Angelo, today the baton has passed to three brothers: Francesco an oenologist a doctor in agriculture and a violinist; Lorenzo, agricultural expert, conductor and composer and Luigi the expert in music, dance and re-enactments.
Nature is a great symphony, a violin sonata that requires commitment and dedication and then knows how to reward you with the fruits of the vine.

Our family has been linked with music since Girolamo Sbaffi (1851-1925) Oenologist, who purchased a fine violin, a Mittelwald made in 1766 which has been passed from generation to generation and regularly played to this day. Angelo Sbaffi (1932-2008) Oenologist, violinist and violin making expert created a real collection of bowed instruments.

Angelo’s marriage with Rita Zanetta has brought the culture of figurative art to the family with the experiences of the painters Guido Zanetta (1922-1992), brother of Rita and his cousin Mario Calzoni.

The Music

Creative spirit between music and culture.

The four brothers of the current generation have all developed the art of music by playing instruments such as the violin, the cello, the viola and the trumpet but also compose their own pieces and undertake conducting. The inherited creative spirit has stimulated many artistic experiences.

Edoardo, cellist, lives and works abroad. Of the three brothers who take care of the farm, Francesco, violinist, is president of the Bartolomeo Barbarino di Fabriano music school (, Luigi is the founder of the group “The awakening of the Etruscans” which explore the dance and music of the Etruscan people ( Lorenzo, musical director of the Camerata Musicale del Gentile, is the project manager of the solidarity project LiricoStruiamo “Opera Lirica itinerante su camion”; as a composer he is inspired by the agricultural environment as well as the operas such as “Tra Fronde d’olivo” Elegy for viola dedicated to the master Ladislao Vieni, or in the “Symphony of Angels” for a large orchestra in which the olive trees are given voices (


The care in the product

Castellare Sbaffi Bianco


The nose shows an important aromatic, intense and fragrant freshness …

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Fruity taste with aromatic artichoke notes, herbaceous hints, green apple and almond…

The Farm

Two hearts one soul


In the municipality of Fabriano (AN), in the locality of Coccore: the farm covers 16 hectares, 5 of which are destined for cereal and forage crops. Here we produce our sparkling wine Method Scacchi


The S. Piero farm in Foiano della Chiana, in the heart of the Valdichiana, includes 5 hectares of olive grove with 550 olive trees